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Community-Police Partnership  Projects

This page will share information related to the activities and goals of the Community-Police Partnership Team (CPPT) of the Unity Project of Fort Atkinson. See the team's main page for more information about their work and individual stories shared in the 2021 Community-Police Survey.

Preliminary Survey Results

The Community-Police Survey received 327 responses from a diverse set of participants. See more about the characteristics of the people who took the survey in this PDF document.

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped spread the word about the survey! We are still seeking volunteers from diverse communities to participate as a member of our team to plan for next steps. Please get in touch if you may be interested!


Successful Model of Building Bridges

"The South District of the Madison Police Department (MPD), Wisconsin, is one such place.3 The most diverse district in Madison, it is composed of African American, Latinx, Hmong, and white communities.4 White community members had treated police as service providers and regularly participated in feedback efforts, but members of the other communities in the district had not. African Americans often perceived police as antagonistic to the community. Latinx community members worried about having their immigration status questioned by police, an anxiety complicated by the negative perceptions of police some may have brought with them from their countries of origin. Hmong elders’ perceptions of police were complicated by historical issues with the police, as well as by language differences.

Officers of the South District, led by Captain John Patterson, wanted to build better relationships with all three communities." Read the full Police Chief Magazine article at this link.

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